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A subscription program offering first-hand information regarding a dating master's experiences on meeting and attracting women.

But this book definitely got the ball rolling for me.

David De Angelo has an amazing sense of what women are truly looking for in a man, and his ideas are a true must-read for any guy who wants to improve his attractiveness to women.

It was this journey, of course, that ultimately led to the birth of X & Y Communications.The now legendary original post, right here on Cliff’s List, that became the David De Angelo book Double Your Dating.The following is a total kick ass business plan to meet and score with top quality women.While Ross Jeffries might be the self proclaimed “Godfather of Pickup,” I think there are few who would deny that David De Angelo is one the most respected gurus in the dating industry.David De Angelo’s first book Double Your Dating is considered a classic in the community, and introduced the world to the cocky/funny concept that is almost universally accepted as the gold standard of flirting.More than any other single contributor, I credit David De Angelo with having the most influence on my decision to become a professional dating coach.


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