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But as the news sank in, a few of the bigger right-wing writers, perhaps sensing that the fading of such a seminal figure from the scene was not merely the tragedy of one man but a dark omen for the whole Old White Rage model of wing-nut discourse, began to spread the word that O’Reilly’s brand of conservatism was not really conservative at all.“BILL O’REILLY’S SECRET: HE WAS A CENTRIST, NOT A CONSERVATIVE,” announced Joel B. Pollak quoted a right-wing professor to the effect that “the average American, once his political views are no longer distorted by media bias,” is an ideological match with Ben Stein.

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In order to achieve continued growth, present day capital increasingly depends on the establishment and implementation of formats and protocols that guarantee smooth transactions across different national and local boundaries.

When a young man appears at his door to deliver a package, Wilfried tells him that it must be for his brother who was just released from prison for sending letter bombs.

“I’ll go get him,” says Wilfried, leaving the postman holding the package.

Also, as to the charges, “I don’t know about past allegations,” Peterson admitted, “but even Stevie Wonder can see that the latest allegations against Bill are false.” If they ever come to trial, maybe Peterson can serve as a character witness.

“He may not have had the most graceful pick up [sic] lines and he may have been a hothead at times,” wrote Truthfeed, “but as of now, we have yet to see any evidence he committed any wrongdoing.” I have to admit, the encomia of O’Reilly’s fans are funnier than anything I can come up with.


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