Books predating the bible

It is true that there is a small number of Scriptures that are not the same between the King James Bible and the so-called "Majority" Greek text.

There are a number of reasons for this: The so-called "Majority" text was not really based on the majority of texts, but rather a relatively small number of manuscripts.

to a crucial period in world history, and to the very shaky nature of the dating, the whole chronological framework, upon which our current interpretations rest…the existing chronologies for that crucial phase in human history are in error by several centuries, and that, in consequence, history will have to be rewritten.

Gynocracy also suffered from the periodic invasions of nomadic tribes....

And by doing so, the reliability of Genesis, Exodus, and the entire Old Testament will have to be reconsidered as a viable source of historical truth.

Those who advocate a revision of orthodox Egyptian chronology are admittedly in the minority, but their credentials and scholarship are highly esteemed.

Such a reduction would serve to line up the historical and archaeological records of Egypt and the Old Testament.

Surprisingly, there is a substantial amount of evidence to warrant a significant reduction of Egyptian history.


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